Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twitter for Marketing

Hello Everyone,
I want to share a free and easy marketing tool called Twitter. (It is also a hangout for social butterflies.) Twitter is a social network in which you can add friends by following them. At first I did not think it would work, until I started adding friends of friends. After two weeks, I was teaching and telling others about Twitter.

I follow marketing guru, Jim Connolly, and read his blog to learn about how to make the most out of Twitter, blogs, and marketing as a whole. Even if you do not join Twitter, his blog is full of useful information.

I have made several sells and met many artists there. Customers like following me because they get to see that the company behind the products is actually a regular person wearing a lot of hats. I like follow other artists because they inspire me, feel my pain, and offer great tips.

How has Twitter helped your marketing?

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