Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do You Need to Advertise

I had the chance to meet Denise Bethune of Showcase Magazine and I believe she has a great publication for reaching a vast audience. Denise offers affordable advertisements in her online publication. This is a great hub for businesses to network as well as for consumers to find your products.

Showcase Magazine & Directory is designed to keep you informed of services, information and resources available to you along with helping new entrepreneurs in reaching a wider audience. The goal is to showcase the best and the vigilant. This publication highlights each business or organization with a short bio, pictures, services offered.

The publication with your feature will appear for the first six months of 2009, the next publication will be featured in July of 2009, with new businesses, and maybe some previous ones as well...

Note: Their is still time to be featured in the January - June publication...Contact Denise with any questions..

If you are interested in having your business featured for six months for a one time fee of $52 please contact Denise and visit her publication. That's way less than monthly ads running $20. It's way less than pay per click ads. It's about $8.67 a month. If you find ads cheaper than that then please let me know.

I'm there!!!

Denise/Thomas Bethune
BSB, Brother, Sister, Brother LLC

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Pam said...

That's a great deal for advertising and your featured for 6 months, that is an deal. I can't wait to read your article. Keep us posted.