Saturday, January 10, 2009

Juicy Bags and Locks

I haven't watched the video, so I hope it goes well. I don't like watching myself.

rmcandlelight asked "Can you do a video showing us your locks?" I did a quick post with a few pictures. I wanted to take some pictures for Angelicgems & Juicybags to show me actually wearing their items. So I thought - I'll just do a video!

I have been looking for a quirky, color laptop tote for a while now. I have a case for it, but for everyday use it's not practical, too bulky and it just screams - steal me. Or when I'm at work when I got my laptop back, I had the case and brought it inside and somebody said, "I see you brought your laptop." The business is mine. Stay out of it!

I just received the sweetest kufi. It's a crochet Obama hat. I'm getting bad at this picture thing. Africreations is your Obama hat store!

People I'm on Twitter hard and I just now noticed that this blog was written in Twitter style. Pitiful I know. I'm addicted to twitter. It's gotten so good to me that I want a large feed of my tweets on my blog. I have the little twitter one liner on my sidebar. I have joined a few groups and I've gotten a few direct messages from somebody famous. How cool is that? Very.

Note: Taken from Since the original post I was featured on Africreations grinning up a storm. Hey Obama won!!!

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